Hello everyone

After more than three years of work and a significant financial investment by the State Government, Ted and I take great pleasure in announcing that the Mungullah Power Station is now successfully exporting full power to Carnarvon residents.

Despite the threat of bad luck due to the superstitious date, the project team confidently began the 30 day reliability trial of the gas generators on Friday, 13 June.  The project team has worked alongside the Iles Road power station operations group to achieve a seamless transition from the old Iles Road station to the new Mungullah station.

The team has faced some challenges during the last few weeks of testing, with a gas engine suffering a catastrophic failure and the power station protection system requiring some last minute adjustments.

Under the 30 day trial, the local, Iles Road station operations team is running the new power station, which is now providing the sole source of electrical power to the town of Carnarvon. The project team will respond in the event of defects.

The achievement of this milestone follows the Minister’s visit to the station on 23 May, where he congratulated us on our role in the Gascoyne and Mid West regions, and commented on the importance of this project.  He encouraged us in our goal of providing safe and reliable power to our regional customers despite the challenges we sometimes face.  

We would like to thank and acknowledge the effort and expertise of the two key contractors involved in completing the power station, namely Contraflow and Contract Power.

Much of the planning, effort and physical hard work of providing power to regional Western Australia takes place behind the scenes, however, Ted and I know the people who work for us are exceptionally dedicated and focused and for this we are very grateful.

Congratulations to all involved, on the successful completion of this important phase of the project.

Craig Julian
General Manager Non-Interconnected Systems

Ted Brereton
General Manager Power System Services